Exhausted Rambling on Symbiotics

It is not spoken often enough, I feel, of how symbiotic our relationships are, especially from the Dominant perspective. To be perfectly clear and to use no uncertain terms: I need my submissive, my little, my moon. She calms my mind in such a way, I find it hard to describe. My ADHD brain is almost constantly in motion. I’m thinking about tomorrow, dissecting last week, meal planning next week, worrying about something in the short future and remembering why I really didn’t like that shirt in the first place, all at the same time. When I’m with her, that all stops. Full stop. Enter zen. Quiet. Whatever magic she has about her allows me to be in the moment. Nothing else matters. Just her. Me. Us. It is these instances of being in the moment, I have quickly come to treasure above anything else. She is my harmony and solace. My happy place.

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