30 Days of Dominance: Day 10

Thoughts on Kinks and Utilizations of BDSM

Today’s discussion questions: Do you utilise any elements of BDSM in your Dominant style? How do you feel about BDSM? Is it core to your Dominance, peripheral or non-existent?

So you’re wanting to know what’s in the ol’ toolbox, eh? Yes, where we’re going I’ve shown few people. Yes, this does indeed make you special.

I do indeed utilize a wide variety of elements and tools in my Dominance. I’ve spent more than a few years researching, developing and specializing my style, and I’m still learning. I’m still evolving and acquiring new talents. One of the biggest warning signs of a fake Dom is someone that claims they know everything. I have friends that have been in the lifestyle 20 or even 30 plus years and they’ll be the first to admit they don’t know everything. I, however, digress. I absolutely love restraints, paddles, flogs, crops, wax, cum denial, edging and anal training. Things still hold more than an idle curiosity are corset training and shibari. If I were to take the time to list everything I’ve researched, we’d be here all day. Suffice it to say, I’ve spent a great deal of time researching and practicing. I hope one day to be able to do more with rope. I have always found shibari to be darkly beautiful.

I love BDSM. Ever since I discovered “The Story of O” at a young age, I’ve been enthralled with the dark romance of the lifestyle. It fulfills a very real and very raw need. One that I know that many of us feel, regardless of what side of the slash you identify with. Whether you’re Dominant or submissive, you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re exploring, you’re reading this because there is a void in your life and you’ve felt the inexorable pull to the wildside. And to you, intrepid explorer, stay a while. The water’s fine.

The tools and kinks I’ve explored and researched are not core to my experience as a Dominant. Whether or not I had these fantastic toys to play with, I would still be Dominant. I was Dominant even before I knew this wonderful lifestyle existed. I’ve always been pack alpha in my circle of friends, not by demanding it, but them yielding to my natural influence. Discovering Dominance allowed me to lift the veil off my true self and fill a void that I knew was there, but was unable to identify. The lifestyle not only allowed me to be true to myself in a way that I never anticipated, but allowed me to meet like minded individuals, of which more than a few I call friends.

8 thoughts on “30 Days of Dominance: Day 10

  1. Shibari looks really pretty. Being new to just simple rope ties and all, getting tied up definitely feels different than what my mind could imagine. Body is less flexible with age and lack of exercise. Shoulder and lower back can get sore over time. I am Going to request some stretching prior to getting tied up next time.

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