30 Days of Dominance: Day 11

Thoughts on Servitude and Service

Today’s discussion questions: Do you expect servitude from your submissive/s? How do you define servitude and service? What does it mean to you? If you do not seek or expect servitude from your submissive/s, what is it about the concept of servitude that is not for you?

Servitude. It can be kind of a scary word, can’t it? To the unfamiliar and uninitiated, it sounds like you’re agreeing to be a slave. Some Dominants may want a slave and there’s nothing wrong with that. For me, it’s not my thing. I do expect to be obeyed though and I am a sadist. My sadism is satiated by both corporal and mental punishments. Both needs for me exist. Once the contract has been negotiated and set, I expect the rules and structure to be followed. As to the type of servitude I expect? That’s all up to the negotiation. I observe and practice the older traditional values of man and woman through Taken in Hand domestic discipline. Any prospective sub I’ve spoken to during vetting understands this. After all, why attempt to garner an interest if concealing the nature of your true self and desires?

Servitude, for our purposes, can be defined as the state of submission given from the submissive to the Dominant. Servitude can be approached by different levels. Depending on the roles of the Dominant, the submissive and the contact agreed to. From my top down perspective, using traditional dynamics, a Master would demand more from his slave than a Daddy Dom. A Daddy Dom would demand less than a master. A Dominant would demand less still. A Daddy or Top, even less. There are other dynamics that could be considered, but these are the most common today. 

Her service, her submission, is beyond treasured. It takes a lot of trust to do what we do and in receiving that trust and cultivating our relationship, I am made a god among men. Strictly speaking from a domestic disciple standpoint, her servitude is her expression of self and adoration. It is my job to provide and manage our structure and framework for her to be able to be her truest self. In the bedroom, her submission is desired, lusted for and needed. The magic I am able to work is not something selfish, but should elevate the both of us to euphoric states of bliss.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Dominance: Day 11

  1. Humm…I actually like the word servitude. If Dad allows for me as his slave, I’d jump at the idea. But, that’s just a fantasy not meant for me to have.

    As for service, I see anything I am good at that can improve our family as service. I am good at keeping track of money so I’ve been the unofficial bookkeeper of the family. I like to cook when I am not exhausted, so I am the unofficial cook for the family as well. There are loads of others things that I am good at. None of those are sexual. All of which are just mundane domestic stuff that keep things running smoothly.

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  2. While I don’t identify as a slave, I do I identify as a service submissive. I LOVE being useful to my Dominants. For Daddy, I do all the traditional stuff…caring for our home, laundry, all the cooking and cleaning, etc. For Sir, I am useful in other ways. He has to travel for work a lot so I often will research the places he is going and find restaurants that cater to his preferred eating style, or I will see if there are any fun things happening in the evenings that he might attend after work. I also do other types of research for him (of the shopping variety). When he got his smart watch, I found a variety of styles of bands for him on Amazon so that it didn’t take up his valuable time having to do so. Smiles. I LOVE being of service.

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