Coffee table reviews and moving forward.

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I love reading. I feel most of you do too. I mean, we are here of all places, after all. In one of my recent posts, I had mentioned escaping the Mrs. Narcissist, we can also call her That Lying Manipulative Bitch (TLMB has a rather nice ring to it). Either works. In the leaving, I didn’t want to prolong any unneeded confrontation, so when I left, I packed a singular bag of clothes, grabbed my most valuable worldly possessions, my work for home station and packed it all neatly into a mid-sized sedan. Much of what I cared for was left behind in haste and need. So, here I am in a new apartment lacking in the panache and personal swagger I’m accustomed to, including my missing library. Thankfully, I am able to provide for myself more than comfortably.

In requiring things lost and wanted, I have began to rebuild my kink (as well as my non-kink) library and in so doing, have discovered a desire to review the lifestyle books I slowly acquire or in some cases reacquire. Over the upcoming weeks I will start by reviewing the pictured titles as well as rereading the classic, Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns and offer my perspectives on them as we go along. I may include excerpts from time to time and I’m hoping that my reading inspires more Perception essays. I really love that side project.

I am also still working on the Little Academy. This is something I’ve very passionate about. I’ve already completed one very important essay with the help of my dear friend and fellow Daddy Dominant Mark P and am currently writing the much needed introduction. Needless to say, between Bunny and what I’m working on, my plate is heavy, but I’ve completely done it to myself. Worth it.

Auf wiedersehen, mein haustiere.

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