Big Me, Little Me

Coming off the heels of the DDLG Handbook, this was so refreshing. Right off the bat, you could feel the joy and love from the author in her writing. It is written from the little mindset and I have always enjoyed reading the submissive’s side of things 

The whole book is mostly dedicated to new littles finding their way into the lifestyle, but I suspect there is much a veteran would enjoy reading. Penny does an excellent job in defining DDlg, busting myths of the lifestyle, breaking down common roles and even goes a little into the caregiver/Daddy Dom mindset. 

Chapter II: The Psychological Side of “Little Me” was probably my favorite chapter of the whole book, being an armchair psychologist myself. She is against bratting, which I feel that is fine, and tends to draw conclusions that most littles aren’t masochists, which I feel may be a little disingenuous. Especially since I know so many of them.

Chapters III-IV outline adult babies, littles and middles. Babyboys and babygirls aren’t given much in the book. I wonder if this was a role that wasn’t defined much when the book was written. Even now, in the community, there’s arguments about definitions with the role. 

The middle part of the book is where it bogged down for me, but I can see the value in it for someone new to being a little. Penny outlines budget little products and where to find them, online resources, date ideas and even includes a little themed cookbook, and goes over a playlist designed to help struggling littles reach littlespace. All in all, valuable information. 

The sadist in my wants to love punishment chapter, but again, Penny makes some glaring statements about littles not being masochists or have masochistic tendencies. I know not all are, but I find most of them in the DDlg community, not the CGlg community, are more than they’re not. This may be part of her own philosophy and having a problem being unbiased, but seriously, this is my only gripe in the whole book. She does an amazing job everywhere else. 

The ending chapters I feel are a hidden treasure in Big Me, Little Me. Chapter XI: How to Thrive being a Solo Little includes a 25-Day training schedule of littles and I was blown away by her explanations and the actual schedule itself. If you couldn’t find Penny’s desire to help the community in the beginning of the book, you will most definitely find it here. You see it all the time in the various FB groups and on Fetlife, lost littles looking for their Daddy Dom. It’s heartbreaking. 

The book ends with Penny’s final thoughts and her personal story, which was delightful, though abbreviated. You can really tell she cares about the community and the littles she’s reaching out to over the course of the book. From how she writes to the experiences she relays, you can feel her care and passion. I definitely recommend this work for anyone new coming into the lifestyle. 

9 thoughts on “Big Me, Little Me

  1. I have to second Nora that Penny used to be really active here on WP. Back the, part of my relationship dynamic was really similar to hers so I’ve reached out to her around two years ago for advice. Without her encouragement, I’d never dare to ask Dad to be my Dominant. She was the one who made it possible. Lost contact with her because my life got a bit crazy…Humm… shall reach out sometime and see how she is doing.

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  2. Hi friends! It’s Penny! Finding this post made me smile from ear to ear. I love being back as a part of the WP community and being able to blog along with you two! You both are the sweetest and I have much reading to catch up on your blog posts! 😀 I’m back full-time blogging on my new project: The Little Space League ❤ I can't wait to keep in touch again! *hugs all around*

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