30 Days of Dominance: Day 21

Positions of Dominance

Today’s discussion questions: Is there a physical position that makes you feel most Dominant? Is there a physical position you prefer your submissive to take in order to express their submission?

For me, standing over my kneeling submissive is one of the most immediately noticeable positions of Dominance. The second most topping her in sexual position. Outside of the first two thoughts, my Dominance isn’t dependent on position, but through demeanor. I feel my whole demeanor shift in a scene. Something more primal comes out to play. She already knows she is Mine. During play, the fact that she is Mine is reasserted. This feeling of ownership isn’t just cultivated through play. This ownership is asserted through how I talk to her and how I address her. I will remind her she Mine, that she has value and worth. When she pleases me or has accomplished her goals or tasks, I’ll remind her that she is my good girl.

Regarding the preferred preference, I’ve never done formal scene initiation. I’ll either leave a note or send an email or text with specific instructions to be followed regarding how she is to be prepared and ready. One of my favorites is having her slowly crawl to me. There’s just something about watching the anticipation in her eyes and the slink of her hips. There are few things more sensual to me than watching her prepare herself to submit to me for a scene.

And then there’s the whole world of Gorean BDSM. Now while I personally wouldn’t want a Master/slave dynamic, there are plenty of aspects I find appealing. Specifically, there are a ton of slave positions and they all have different meanings. The two that I find the most visually appealing are tower and nadu. In nadu, the slave kneels and sits on heels with back straight, knees widely spread, breasts/chest forward, head up, often to the left and palms resting on thighs. In the tower, as in nadu but with the thighs closed and hands resting on thighs with the wrists crossed. I find the structure of Gor to be mildly intoxicating. Maybe we’ll do a Gorean delve at some point.

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