The Line in the Sand

What's your line in the sand? | Amanda Canham

This is something I’ve been struggling with since returning to the lifestyle. Something that has gotten me kicked out of various Facebook groups due to passionate arguments and sometimes strongly worded rants. It’s not something I will ever apologize for, unless I’m actually wrong and you can show me. I’m not arrogant enough to think I’m always right, after all.

Dude, I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand - line in sand | Meme  Generator
Any time you can sneak in a Big Lewboski reference is a good time.

Going forward, I will not try to blend TNG values with my Old Guard traditionalist values. If I lose readers over it, I’m not really worried. This is for me mainly and a way for me to help others that find their way across my writing. I’ll be going back and editing some older posts over the course of the next few days to reflect this change in mindset and actually taking a stand against what I see, as a another Dominant put it, a “de-evolution” of the lifestyle I know and love.

As always, friends, I hope life is finding you well. I know a lot of us struggle with the holidays. Be kind to yourself during these times.

7 thoughts on “The Line in the Sand

    • To clarify, I do not have TNG values,a few things I can see some merit in, but most of it is a devolution of the lifestyle. TNG stands for The New Generation. It’s the newer line of thinking regarding BDSM. It drops a lot of the old traditions and protocol from the Old Guard. I’m not a fan of high protocol myself, but I do appreciate the history of it and where it came from, the only time I would actively observe protocol is at Dungeon or club event. A lot of TNG is trying to change the terminology too. Like considering a brat submissive. While the act of bratting can be cute and when done respectively can fall under the SAM (smart ass masochist) sub archetype, being a brat is not submissive. Challenging your Dominant’s authority and Dominance isn’t cute. It’s not submissive. It is disrespectful and to be perfectly honest, topping from the bottom. In TNG, they claim submission is a gift. Submission is not a gift. Gifts are not taken away and do not have strings attached to them. More on this below. There’s a lot more into TNG, but those are my biggest complaints regarding the mindset.

      Regarding Old Guard values I hold dear: I place much value on the D/s lifestyle. It is sacred to me. Submission is not a gift, but an equal exchange. Gifts do not have expectations and cannot be taken away. When submission is given, the sub expects Dominance. When the subs gives their power to their Dominant, the Dom adds their power to His own and uses it to mutual benefit. Collars still mean something to me. They are not something to be given away because they look cute or are trendy. They are a mark of ownership and commitment. The Dominant owns the collar, not the submissive.

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      • Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful reply, Storm! I will read and re-read this. I’ve never been one to care much about what others are doing (I certainly don’t believe in the “one true way”), but I will think about what you are saying here about terminology. One thing that my Sir and I often say to each other is “thank you for the gift of your submission”, and “thank you for the gift of your dominance”. I’d never thought about it in the way that you have mentioned. Definitely something to think on. Thank you for taking the time to write this out! XOXO

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  1. Would love to hear more about the difference between TNG and Old Guard.

    Dad don’t really follow the book, but he definitely falls under Head of Household Daddy Dom. We don’t have a preset list of rules nor protocols. However, Dad did introduce those to me over long periods of time. It wasn’t until later when I am performing tasks naturally did I realize those were protocols. As for rules, I only have a few. Currently working to convert those into vows for the official collaring. Will work on that list for next few days for Dad’s approval.

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