A humble thank you.

I originally started this blog in 2017 then took an almost five year long break due to the events surrounding TLMB. I almost left the lifestyle due to how damaged the whole relationship left me. I didn’t know if I had it in me anymore to try again, but in healing, seeking therapy and getting the help I needed, I felt the pull, the need, the draw. The sleeping wolf began to wake.

I rejoined a select few FB groups and watched for a while, still trying to access if I wanted to do this again. To try and refind my true self. I began seeing the same heartaches and trials from five years ago in struggling Doms and submissives. Some of the trauma had even gotten worse. So, I started reaching out, in small ways. A word of encouragement there. A helpful piece of advise here. A word on validation there. All of this inevitably lead to The Gentleman Dom – Ramblings on Old World Values.

When I shared “The Gentleman Dom” to the group I was participating the heaviest in, one particular reader, Raymond, commented on it and asked if I was the same guy from five years ago and I recognized him. I was blown away that he remembered me. He told me how much I had helped him then and was glad to see that I was still around. That warmed my heart and helped me in ways that I won’t ever be able to say thank you enough for. Thank you, Raymond. You had no idea how how much those words of encouragement meant to me, let alone were needed.

Either the same day or the next day, Nora finds “The Gentleman Dom” and reblogs it and my email blows the fuck up. I didn’t know what was happening. I was blown away by the exposure. Thank you, Nora for you kind words and encouragement since returning.

To the new friends I’ve met since then and have continued to come across there are too many to name, but I’m going to try. Matt, MP. Jonathan, Jen, Kirsten, Kit, Kat, Gemma, and the ones my ADHD brain has forgot, thank you all as well. This has been an adventure and beyond validating. I cannot express to you all enough how much this support means to me.

Lastly, to Bunny, my girl who loves dinosaurs. I would have never found you had I not decided to take a chance and see if I had it in myself to come back. Thank you for being patient with me and actually emotionally supportive. It’s crazy that I even have to say that, but having not had it before, I cannot express enough how fulfilling it is to have it. I love you, princess. I look forward to the next year and watching our relationship and dynamic grow.

Here’s to 2022 guys. May this next year be everything that you need and have more of what you want. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “A humble thank you.

  1. Thank you for restarting your blog. Reading through your struggles and then recovery has been oddly comforting for me. I can be at times very self absorbed in my own bubble. But understanding that we all have struggles in life, I now see my own as something I am able to tackle.

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    • Sometimes, what we face seems so much bigger than it actually is. Sometimes, too dark. It’s all perspective. We rarely get the advantage to look at it from the correct angle. I am glad you’re seeing your own hurdles as manageable.


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