How to be the Best Dom for your submissive

I would have given much for advice like this when I was starting out. I learned a lot the hard way, through trial and error. This is sound advice for any new Dominant.


This topic would been a masterpiece for me to say the most. I have been a Dom from a very early experience actually by a very submissive individual some 20 years ago. With now just over 15 years of experiences with numerous submissive. They just come and go as life progresses. I’m actually still searching for a submissive to call my own and her to call me Master/Sir for a longer years of relationship. My previous longest relationship with a submissive was 7 years. We departed when she had a golden opportunity to work overseas. Though at that time, we still kept in touch, we gradually churn to our own lifestyle.

So what type of a Dom am I? To do that, let me explain further on What is a Dom and how to be one.

What is a dom?

A dom (or dominant) is a man or woman who…

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