Checking In

Salutations and sæl, friends. There have been a few you sending inquiring emails and I wanted to let you all know I am alive and well, just slammed with work. Even though it’s supposed to be our slow season, we are in the thick of it currently. The pandemic has done some really odd things to the logistics industry.

Bunny and I are still friends are helping and supporting one another each other as we get the healing we need. I also have an amazing support group of friends that I’ve made doing this here and in the groups. I thank all of you for checking in on me, her and us.

I’m currently working on a few drafts and was thinking about kicking off with Loving BDSM’s writing prompts for 30 Days of D/s. I’ve also gotten some ideas from Kit for future essays, but work on all of that comes on the weekends and with inspiration. Almost everything I write comes from the heart. When I try to write unmotivated it loses the je ne sais quoi and flair that I feel makes my writing stand out.

Again, I do so very much appreciate the inquiries and support. I would be in a very dark place without the support network I do have. You all mean so very much to me, even if it’s just small interactions here and there. Much love for all you.

May be an image of coffee cup and text that says 'one time'

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