Back in the Saddle

I work rotating 12 hour shifts. Four days on, four days off. Three days on, three days off. This week was my long weekend and I took it for myself. I needed to recharge my batteries and practice some self-love. I am heavily introverted, so like a solid 90% of my friends are online. I like them there. They’re in a neat little box and are always there. They know much of my life. Who is in it, who I am, who I truly am. I value them greatly and they’re spread all over the world, which amazes me. We spent much of the weekend gaming together. From building a new breeding base to Ark, to slaying our opponents in the Outlands of Apex Legends, we accomplished much that we set out to do.

Bunny and I also spent a lot of time talking over the past week. A lot of time. Between self-reflection on both of our parts and through much conversation, we have come to the realization that despite our separate issues and traumas, we don’t want to do this without the other. We spent a lot of time talking about what we need to address personally and individually. Going forward, we will address our traumas and work on our issues both together and separately, leaning on one another. Even after all the ups and downs, separation and rejoining, she is still my peace. I still find solace in her that I have never experienced with anyone else.

Now that the long weekend is over and I have 37 loads I am monitoring for tonight, I feel invigorated and ready to tackle the coming week and to spend some more time in both thought and reflection. Of course, being back in the saddle also means that I’ll be focusing back more on lifestyle writing. I’ve almost finished The New Topping Book and will be putting a review together for that soon.

On a tangent, has anyone else watched the Big Bang Theory and marveled at how Dominant Sheldon is? Hear me out. He spanks Amy. Amy comes to him eagerly when he snaps his fingers. Amy comes off has naturally submissive in her personal relationship with Sheldon and does things that I would equate with a service sub. They have a contract. Just things I think about.

One thought on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Amy seems submissive but actually does all the planning, has all the forethought and gets all the proverbial ducks in a row when it comes to furthering of any relationship avenues …. but yes, she does play the submissive role in order to keep the relationship ‘glue’ together and to keep sheldon feeling like he is in charge.
    Amy is a sexually submissive (possibly masochistic??) rope bunny who is pragmatic enough to do what needs doing to make sure both of their needs are met?!?!
    Things I think about too … *wink*

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