What Does Submission Mean to You?

Does a submissive have certain behaviors? Do submissives do specific tasks? When you think of a submissive and submission, what thoughts come to mind?

This is a harder one for me. Every submissive I’ve ever been with has been wildly different in their approach to submission to their personality. I’ve mulled these questions over since yesterday and when putting finger to keyboard, I have ideas but have been staring at the blank screen for what feels like ages. So in usual fashion when I’m stuck on what I’m trying to say, I’m going to pound this out until coherent sentences start to coalesce into something meaningful.

I don’t think there any set behaviors for a submissive. As a Dominant, I can tell you what I look for, what I find attractive or appealing and what I won’t tolerate. Key behavioral qualities I look for include creativity, curiosity, faithfulness, caring, affectionate, compassion, kindness, pleasantness, sass, how polite they are, sincerity, reflectiveness, sensitivity, and enthusiasm. My submissive will be well-behaved. She should bring peace into my life and my home. Now, that doesn’t mean she can’t be sassy. There’s nothing wrong with a some playful banter and I find it to be enjoyable. Let me see that wit. There is a big difference, however, between sassing and bratting. One is playful and the other is disrespectful. I will not tolerate a brat. If she constantly is challenging the peace of the household, challenging me, challenging the relationship and our harmony, then in my mind, she is not ready to submit and will be released.

Submissives will have different tasks varying on their dynamic. For mine, she is a service submissive and a little. We will both idealize, modernize and blend both the 1950s lifestyle and Taken in Hand domestic disciplines. Accordingly, the household is her domain. She will also be assigned tasks based on her interests and to assist me with mine. This is something we’ve negotiated and she has expressed interest in. Through task assignment as well, you can begin to set expectations through assigning research and begin training through task assignment.

When I think of submission and my submissive, I think of harmony, peace, unconditional love and acceptance. I think of acts of service as the most beautiful of love languages and regard it almost as highly as words of affirmation. She is and will be my good girl. She can come to me in her darkest hours and if I cannot provide light for her, I will at least sit with her in the darkness. As someone who walks long and dwells heavily in their own darkness, it is a comfortable place for me. I do not mind in the least being her calming voice in the dark. As much as she leans on me, I will lean on her too. She is just as much my safe place as I am hers. Together, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to do.

6 thoughts on “What Does Submission Mean to You?

  1. I think submission for me is similar to some of the things you described here. I especially related to the idea of bringing peace to a home, I feel very strongly that this is a huge part of my role in all aspects of my life as well as in submission to my husband. I also feel that as a submissive I always want to be improving myself, my husband and I discussed a list of areas for development for me this year and doing this is a good way for me to submit to him (becoming more of what he wants) and the positive power of his dominance over me (supporting me in becoming a better version of myself.) Its all give and take. As you say, there should be a certain amount of autonomy, sass etc, but if a sub is not willing at all to submit, inevitably it won’t work.

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    • I think the biggest compliment you can give someone is telling them that they bring you peace. Especially with a brain as plagued as mine with ADHD, depression and intrusive thoughts. Striving to be someone else’s peace is so monumental, yet I feel like it’s something that isn’t addressed much in lifestyle discussions. I find this odd and sometimes unsettling, especially in regards to the chaos that 90% of the internet brats seem to revel in. I do say internet brat as well. I feel that distinction is necessary today. I don’t know anyone in my personal life that would actually tolerate the level of disrespect that they bring and flaunt online.

      “… [M]y husband and I discussed a list of areas for development for me this year and doing this is a good way for me to submit to him (becoming more of what he wants)…” Bunny and I were starting this very discussion tonight. It makes me beyond happy she wants to explore her submission with me more fully. As a Dominant, I cannot adequately express the level of happiness and pleasure this brings me. It definitely almost immediately put me in Dom space.

      As always, Strange, thank you for stopping by. I do so value your time when you come to stop by and say hello.

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  2. Love the peace aspect. As a submissive wife. I strive to bring that to my dom/husband. He should leave the rest of the world on the front step when he arrives home and takes a deep breath of serenity as he walks in the door. Thank you for reinforcing this thought to me Sir.

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    • Being someone’s peace and actively trying to bring that into their life is the most noblest of pursuits. Good on you for striving to provide that for Him. I hope He brings it for you as well.


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