How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment?

As a submissive, are you willing to allow a Dominant to discipline or punish you in your relationship? As a Dominant, are you willing to require discipline or give out punishment? What kinds of punishments can you imagine for bad behavior?

As a Dominant, I do require discipline and give out punishment. Most submissives need structure and rules, without them they can feel lost, unowned and struggle. I crave giving structure and rules, without being able to provide them I feel unneeded, unwanted and incomplete. In this, our symbiosis as Dom and sub begins.

When rules are broken, there must be punishments. The severity of the infraction equals the punishment given. As good Dom will know how to balance the firm hand and the soft hand. Not every punishment needs to be meted out with a cane, right? Sometimes, having your submissive kneel, listen to why this rule is important, why this infraction matters and why the infraction upset you the stability of your dynamic will go further in correction than beating that ass black and blue.

As to the imagination of punishments? You can’t see my wolfish grin, but I assure you, it’s there. From corporal to mental, I have in my toolbox and wide variety of tried and tested punishments. When I need to think of something inventive, I will either go and research new ideas or I’ll even go to close Dom friends for advice or feedback. The imagination is only as limited as the mind behind it. As a sadist, it is easy to lean on the cane for punishment, but when you have a masochist, sometimes mental punishments will serve you better.

I’ve outlined before in previous discussions, my all time favorite mental punishment, but for the topic today, I will with great joy, outline it again today. As a caveat, I have never gotten to implement this punishment. It is reserved for serious infractions against my protocol.

We will begin in her kneeling. She will be reminded of our rules, our protocol and why they are important to us both, why they are there and why they are important. Protocol, for our dynamic is the most important of our rule set. Think of protocol as the foundation of the rest of our structure. Protocol is significant. I will go into detail on the protocol broken and why it is important to me and why it should be important to her. I will tell her how disappointed I am, not in her, but that we are here, having to address this issue. She will be instructed to stay kneeling. I will take one of her feet and with a broad tipped sharpie, I will write “DADDY” on the bottom of her foot. I will then tell her what I have written. I will tell her that she is not allowed to wash it off and that it must wear off naturally. I will tell her that until it wears off, it will serve as a reminder of what was done and that she hurt not only me, but us by what protocol was broken, that protocols exist to protect us and the sanctity of our dynamic. I will hug her and kiss her. I will remind her that she is still loved and still cared for and that this will be done to remind her that she still has a place by my side with me. I will tell her that until “DADDY” wears off, she is walking on our dynamic and on me and that will serve as a reminder of what she had done and hopefully, never repeat.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment?

  1. At its heart, a Dom/s relationship is a power exchange. It isn’t clear to me it could be brokered without discipline. Without the ability to impose rules there is no power. The ability to enforce the rules requires discipline. If rules are unenforceable they don’t exist. To refuse a Dom’s discipline is in effect revoking his power.

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  2. You have got to wonder what they think the point of their dynamic is. Clearly it must be theater or role playing for them. They miss the entire richness of the dynamic.

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  3. I’m no masochist but would definitely prefer a spanking over having ‘daddy’ on my foot. Like bunny I’m a good girl but we all have bad days and the thought of upsetting a daddy would hurt me far more than a sore bum for a few days. But I completely understand that a caning would be pointless for a masochistic.

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