Let’s Talk Limits

Everyone has limits. Some are hard limits – things you refuse to do, and some are soft – you might do them under the right circumstances, with the right person, or at least once to try it. But we all have them.

Do you know what your hard limits are? Are there a few things you’d like to try but you’re a little nervous? They’re such a big part of D/s and kink, it’s never a bad idea to think about them no matter where you are in your relationship.

I do know what my hard limits are. Most all of them include some type of subbing or bottoming and anything to do with piss or scat. There are few things that as a Daddy Dom, I am slow to do. As a caregiver, there are certain things I will do because my sub needs them, but my role is to build, not tear down needlessly. According, humiliation is one of those things I’ll do if it’s a kink for my partner, but for myself, it’s something that is innately against who I see myself as. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t blend praise with humiliation. It all goes back to knowing my submissive, what’s acceptable and what’s been negotiated. “Who’s Daddy’s little cumslut?” is after all, a powerful question of ownership.

Bratting is also a hard limit for me. I will not tolerate it. Sass, however, is perfectly acceptable. What is the difference between the too? Sass is a little lippy, often cutesy, witty banter, but never disrespectful. Bratting is constantly challenging my position of Dominance and leadership in the dynamic. It is bringing chaos to something that should be peaceful. It is disrespectful in insults and banter. And at it’s most base form, bratting is manipulation.

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