What is Your Safeword?

Safewords are the words or phrases we use in a kinky scene or while having sex to stop everything. Some people don’t want a safeword. We strongly suggest using a safeword when you’re in a new relationship or trying a new kink, but they’re not the only way to be safe either.

So, the question today is, what’s your safeword? If you don’t want to have one, why not?

I’m a big fan of the stop light system. It lets me know where we’re at in a scene. Green: Everything is good. Keep doing what you’re doing. This is right. Yellow: Unsure. Getting close to slow to needing to stop. Slow down. Red: Stop. Full stop. Stop everything right now.

13 thoughts on “What is Your Safeword?

  1. My Dom and I have decided that I won’t be able to use a safe word to avoid punishments. I have always been so conflicted about the ability to use a safe word to avoid punishment as it is, in effect, withdrawing his control. It feels like a breach of the power exchange. The agreement we have is that I will beg mercy if a punishment gets to be too much. My Dom is very measured and doesn’t act in anger and so this feels safe to me.

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  2. I think of a safeword like a fire extinguisher – no one expects the house to catch fire but it sure is good to have one if it does!

    As a person with chronic pain and other issues I have learned that a safe word out of punishment is also not a red flag, it may simply be an emergency invisible to the naked eye.

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