What Do You Think About Orgasm Control?

When we last covered Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s, we went over sex isn’t a requirement and today we’re talking about orgasms. Weird, huh? Every thing we do in BDSM is on a spectrum of activity. Sex is no different.

Orgasm control encompasses a lot of different play. Begging for permission, denial, edging, forced orgasms, and even coming on command – there’s a lot there. Some people (like us) say, “We want it all!” And others only like certain parts of orgasm control. If you don’t like the idea of it at all, that’s okay, too. This is a good time to think about what you know about orgasm control and what you think (or know) you want.

Sensory play is one of my biggest kinks. What thrill there is then in denying or even edging sensation? Ensue wolfish smile. In every since of what I’m about to tell you, it is in making her quiver and beg for it. “Please, Daddy?” From the tremble in her voice to the when she finally gets that release, the full mental, physical and even emotional enjoyment and blissful satisfaction of watching the waves of euphoria and built up pleasure send her body into rocking full-body shockwaves. From the moment she begs to watching her hips buck uncontrollably, I am immediately sent spinning into Domspace. I soar with her as she releases herself and ride the waves with her. It is the highest of highs I can reach as a Dom.

8 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Orgasm Control?

  1. Potentially entering into a relationship and your words seem familiar. He has communicated that he will control my orgasms and that he seems to like the idea of me begging for them. Your writings help to understand this… He wants his sub to beg and to hear her cry when being punished. You provide insight for me

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      • We have been working up to this for more than a year. Lots of positive buildup. I am excited but nervous. Feels encouraging that there are others that describe similar stuff. This will be my first foray into kink world. I really believe that I am fortunate to have a good guy as my future Dom. But good that your writings are in line with the things that I have come to understand and anticipate

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      • It can be a very exciting adventure. There’s lots to explore and it’s okay if you try something and don’t like it. I’ve tried more than a few things I will never go back and revisit, but I know for a fact, those things aren’t for me. I’m excited for you and your future Dom and I’m glad that what you found here helps with your understanding.

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