Drop is Real

What goes up must come down. Subspace is the most common of the highs in D/s, but we know from experience that Dom or top space is real too. Which means sub and dom drop are real possibilities after you have intense kinky moments together. Drop won’t happen every time, and it won’t affect you the same way each time either. But it’s important to recognize what can cause it, and what it might feel like. You can’t eliminate it completely, but you can prepare for it.

Have you ever felt a drop after kinky play? Can you come up with some ways you might help yourself or your partner through it?

Drop is a son of a bitch. Countless essays and articles have been written on drop from a submissive and new Dom prospective, but what about for the more experienced Doms? Can drop still happen? Of course it can. As the chemicals that produce the highs that make us fly drain from the body, as the adrenaline rush fades, as the moments of crystal clear clarity fade, drop can rear it’s ugly head. I don’t experience drop from guilt anymore. I know that my sub/little has negotiated for the scenes and punishments that we play. I do get drop from the vacating chemical rushes. Those moments are rare, but when they do happen, I feel completely drained. In those moments, All I want is to snuggle up with my submissive and hold her. To feel her skin pressed against mine. To feel her breath exhale against my chest.

Drop may not happen immediately after play either. It can happen in the days to following a scene. A good Dominant will become familiar with his sub and her patterns and be able to anticipate some drops. I do same some because drop doesn’t always happen. For me, I make sure I am always available afterwards. Words of encouragement, praise and reassurance will go a long ways in reminding her of her value, importance and worth, and when we can, all the physical affection she may require.

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