Mental Health Check

March is a hard month for me. My mother passed 14 years ago and this month would have marked her 58th birthday. Mom was abusive. There’s no kind way to go about that. While not making an excuse for the abuse, as an adult, I can see that she raised us in the manner she was raised and for her, that was good enough/what she knew. The fact is, she tried. Which is more than I can say for a lot of parents I observe today. I have struggled a lot this week because I once again forgot her birthday. The guilt I feel for this is immense. Bunny assures me that I will never forget her and that she will live forever in my heart, but I cannot help but still feel guilt for the forgetting. It weighs heavily on my heart.

While I struggle with this month and spring finally around the corner, how are you doing? Are you doing okay? One quote that has helped me since my teenage years is from The Crow. “It can’t rain all the time.”

I hope life is finding you well, friends.

4 thoughts on “Mental Health Check

  1. That is definitely the good news, “it can’t rain all the time.” The other good news is that Bunny is your umbrella when it does. Spring will be here soon.

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  2. My mum died in March too. No matter how bad they mess up, they’re still the only mum you get. As a parent, I’m equal parts more condemning and forgiving of my mum; I understand better how hard it is being a mum. Funnily enough, I always keep the quote ‘Mother is the word for God on the lips and hearts of all children,’ in my mind and that’s a hell of a standard to live up to. That said, it’s true, and the love I feel for my son means I could never accept less than everything I could give him. It hurts me that my own mum clearly didn’t feel that strongly about me. But as you said, I know I was loved, and I know she tried the best she could with her own issues and background.

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    • Another fantastic Crow quote. 🖤

      It is a high standard to live up to, for sure. Thankfully, as she aged, my mother mellow out and became the mother she… …should have been. It is a heavy burden to raise children. It was one I failed at once, only to succeed a second time around.

      Heavy are our hearts,indeed. Much love, Strange.

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  3. It’s been 11 years since my adoptive mother passed away. She was not the greatest mother, but she definitely had tried. I’ve been visiting her grave site at least once to twice a year. Sometimes on her bday, sometimes on her deathday. Other times when I felt depressed. I do feel better after bringing her flowers no matter what day of the year it was. While I understand the seasonal depression, take time to enjoy the sunrise or sunset each and every day.

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