Where did the time go?

This last week has gone by way to fast. I have as few as seven drafts I’m currently working on, maybe nine? I’ve made an amazing friend with Penny Berry. If you guys are unfamiliar with Penny, you can check her blog out here and see my review for her book Big Me, Little Me. I can’t hype her up enough and her book is definitely worth checking out.

I don’t normally write on my weekends as it’s personal time, I’m reading or doing research, but I promise I will try to get at least two of my drafts finished.

I know that there are more than a few of you going through some truly hard and trying times right now and a few of you have disappeared completely as you tackle your day to day living. I hope this finds you well and persevering. Remember to take time for yourself.

Sending love and happy thoughts from my side of the fence.

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