Be Honest in Your Vetting

While this may initially be cute, and I did admittedly laugh about it, this is a good teaching opportunity. What’s wrong with the message she’s sending?

We stress vetting in the community. To be honest with ourselves and to be honest with our prospective D-type or s-type you’re vetting. This is manipulation in it’s purest form. A bait and switch. Per her message, her Dom expected one type of submissive and got another. In the real world, if this were to happen to me, she’d be released. No questions asked and no opportunity to do so given.

Be honest in your vetting, folks. Don’t be this person. Be clear in your needs, wants and styles of Dominance or submission. I promise the time that you invest into vetting will pay off when you find the right person.

Writer’s block is a bitch and I’m still alive.

Yes, I am still alive. Things in life are good, though a recent development has been a little chaotic, but life is still good. Since we last spoke, I closed vetting and negotiations with the new little/sub and I’m sure I’ll be talking about her in the future.

I am currently up to nine drafts. I’ve been working on them here and there, but some of them are a little too… clinical… I feel like they lack my voice/presence/jes nes se quois and that simply will not do. So, as one concerned reader put it, I am in fact, recharging my batteries.

I hope life is finding you all well. Much love from my side of the internet.