Writer’s block is a bitch and I’m still alive.

Yes, I am still alive. Things in life are good, though a recent development has been a little chaotic, but life is still good. Since we last spoke, I closed vetting and negotiations with the new little/sub and I’m sure I’ll be talking about her in the future.

I am currently up to nine drafts. I’ve been working on them here and there, but some of them are a little too… clinical… I feel like they lack my voice/presence/jes nes se quois and that simply will not do. So, as one concerned reader put it, I am in fact, recharging my batteries.

I hope life is finding you all well. Much love from my side of the internet.

8 thoughts on “Writer’s block is a bitch and I’m still alive.

      • She’s aware of it. I don’t know if she reads it. I know she read a lot of what I cross posted to FB groups. We share so many view points and we both write a lot of advise, so it made vetting super smooth being able to cross reference things that were said and what we were saying. I send her important or funny screenshots a lot. Things I feel she should be aware of at the very least. I keep no secrets from her.

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