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Let’s Talk Limits

Everyone has limits. Some are hard limits – things you refuse to do, and some are soft – you might do them under the right circumstances, with the right person,…

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Sexual Availability

In some D/s relationships (including ours), there is an agreement that the submissive will always be sexually available to their Dominant. While this can be a kinky, sexy aspect of…

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Losing Your Dynamic

We talk a lot in the lifestyle about managing your dynamic, communicating with your partner, love languages, alternative love languages (a big favorite of mine), how to be a better…

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About Me

Hello, friends. You may call me Storm. I am a Daddy Dom with fifteen years in the lifestyle. These featured essays are designed to help and sometimes educate this dark Wonderland we’ve found ourselves in. There’s coffee on the table. Stay as long as you’d like.

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