Little Academy

The Little Academy is a collection of collaborative instructional essays put together with myself and other experienced Daddy Doms and littles. What started off as light-hearted banter is now a reality.

Love for the Unowned

Survive Being Little and Unowned A common trend I’ve been noticing is littles finding themselves suddenly out of a dynamic, lost, confused and have no idea what to do. It’s…

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It’s Okay to be Needy

This is something that has bothered me for a long time, but wasn’t really brought to the light of thought until a wonderful reader brought an article to my attention.…

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About Me

Hello, friends. You may call me Storm. I am a Daddy Dom with fifteen years in the lifestyle. These featured essays are designed to help and sometimes educate this dark Wonderland we’ve found ourselves in. There’s coffee on the table. Stay as long as you’d like.

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