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Please, call me Storm. I’m a Daddy Dominant that has been in the lifestyle for fifteen years and am passionate about sharing and helping educate where I can. I love to write and write, as I talk in real life and enjoy being able to share this part of my world with you.

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DDLG Handbook: Learning to navigate life with your little

First, a slight rant. I didn’t look at the page count when I bought this one. It was in the ballpark of ten bucks on Amazon so I figured it would be in the realm of The Loving Dominant, Big Me, Little Me or even The New Topping Book. It’s not. For ten bucks, you…

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Big Me, Little Me

Coming off the heels of the DDLG Handbook, this was so refreshing. Right off the bat, you could feel the joy and love from the author in her writing. It is written from the little mindset and I have always enjoyed reading the submissive’s side of things  The whole book is mostly dedicated to new…

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