DDLG Handbook: Learning to navigate life with your little

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First, a slight rant. I didn’t look at the page count when I bought this one. It was in the ballpark of ten bucks on Amazon so I figured it would be in the realm of The Loving Dominant, Big Me, Little Me or even The New Topping Book. It’s not. For ten bucks, you get a whopping 33 pages in a book that’s not even 6” by 8.5”. The cover is thin cardstock, but the actual paper quality is impressive. Alas, that’s one of the few positive things I have to say going forward.

Out of the gate, the book talks to the reader like they know what they’re talking about. As something that’s supposed to be advertised as a handbook or manual, I find this disingenuous. There are no explanations offered into the realm power exchanged, D/s or how to provide structure, just that a Daddy should do it. 

I did enjoy the chapters on how to put your little into littlespace and what littles worry about, but it doesn’t go into what do if your little is struggling to get to littlespace, or how to pull them out. Then again, the whole chapter on little space is only four tiny pages. In the chapter on little worries, it was nice to see that actually put into writing even if it was brief. 

The best chapter by far was on aftercare. This is the clearest and best thought out part of the book. The author is able to why aftercare is important, provide some good examples of aftercare and even brings up aftercare for Daddies. The best part of all through, is where she says, “What if you don’t have time for aftercare? Then don’t be a caregiver. Or a Dom.”

I feel like this book was rushed. Almost like what I’m reading are the cliff notes to the actual meat of the book. Luriana is able to write well and communicate, but I find it greatly off putting that she speaks to the reader as if they know what they’re doing when the book is being advertised to help those that are new to the lifestyle. All in all, I feel gypped and don’t recommend this book at all.

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