30 Days of Dominance: Day 25

Objects and Rituals of Dominance

Today’s topic questions:  Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express your Dominance? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

There are small objects that I carry as part of my EDC (every day carry) that remind me that I am a man and Dominant. The thing that really sparks fire the most though, is my belt. My ¼” thick, one and a half inches wide, dual-layered, bonded, double-stitched and laminated black leather belt. It’s designed as a gunbelt and serves both functional and recreational uses. I used to have a boot thing, but that went with my errant goth phase in the early 2000s. I also have a solid silver Mjölnir. This was hand sculpted and is not the mass produced Chinese crap that is so heavily prevalent in Norse heathenry today. It reminds me to live my life by the Nine Noble Virtues and is a symbol of protection.

If given a gift it would have the special attachment of being given by her. Depending on what it was, it would be included into my EDC or given a special place in perhaps a ritual or incorporated into a daily routine. I’ve seen some amazing Dom gifts on Etsy while looking for future lifestyle purchases. If you’re ever bored, look up BDSM on Etsy. Be prepared to lose a few hours.

As to rituals, there are a few that I value. If it’s a scene that’s agreed to beforehand, I will have her waiting for me. I will instruct her on what position to be in and what, if anything, to be wearing. Going back to my fascination with Gorean positioning, I may incorporate the stances more in the future. I also make sure that I have any and all items I would need for aftercare ready beforehand. This last part is important to me. It serves a two-fold purpose. It signals to her that I thought ahead about her needs before we engaged in play and it ensures that I don’t need to step away in case there is subdrop and can be present to deal with whatever else may come.

One thought on “30 Days of Dominance: Day 25

  1. Leatherman pocket knife, tactical belt, and Danner Boots for Dad.

    My biggest headache is trying to get Dad something he likes. He is very particular and knowledgeable for his gears. Today, I learned about chainsaw bars…

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